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DCUC Wave 9 Announced at NYCC

Yesterday was the Mattel and DC panel at New York Comic Con, wherein Mattel made a few announcements regarding their DC lines. Of course, the ones that matter are those regarding DC Universe Classics, currently the best toy line in existence, as well as the best toy line ever. Specifically, Mattel announced wave 9, as well as giving us a couple points of info regarding the rest of the year.

Thanks to Action Figure Insider and Toy News International for the pics, visit their sites for more pics and info from NYCC.

Lets start with the non wave 9 info. Several weeks ago Mattel announced four 2 packs they wanted to release, but the actual release of these 2 packs depends on getting enough pre-orders for them. They are available for pre-order at many online retailers, my personal favorite being Corner Store Comics, based in California, UPS Ground only takes 2 days to get to me. Another popular retailer that I've never used, since they're in Missouri or someplace over there, and for me generally more expensive than CSC, is Enchanted Toy Chest

As I said, Mattel announced four of these packs, but only gave us pictures for one, so orders for the others have been slow. The first to be released features a re-release of last year's (wait, since we're in 2009 now, it's not last year's line anymore, it's 2007's) DCSH Clayface and black/gray Batman, although the Batman has been mud splattered. I don't need this pack as I was able to get both of these figures at retail. Yesterday at NYCC Mattel showed off the second 2 pack for this year, Superman and Brainiac, Superman being a kitbash of Eradicators heat vision eyes head on the Kalibak wave's Superman, so we can get a more classic, short haired Supes, as opposed to Mullet Superman which many people don't care for. Personally, I like Mullet Supes, because all the Justice League comics I own feature post-Return of Superman Mullet Superman or Blue Energy Superman.

Of course, the important piece of this 2 pack is classic All-I-Want-Is-A-Decent-Pair-Of-Pants Brainiac. Sure, it's sort of a goofy look, green legs/hands/head, white boots, black shorts and pink polo shirt? But it's still Brainiac, the design used in the Super Friends show (which I barely remember), and that design has recently returned to the comics, where Brainiac is a very scary robot. And I do kinda like the look, so I'm definitely going to order this set from CSC as soon as I have sufficient funds.

Notice you can see Batman vs Clayface in the background.

Mattel also showed us the figures from the next exclusive 2 pack (the first being Adam Strange and Starfire): Alex Luthor and Ultraman. They're from an alternate universe, Ultraman is an evil version of Superman, while Luthor is a good version of Lex Luthor. They look good, and I'll be getting them (you'll be hearing that a lot any time I talk about DCUC).

Other news: We will finally be getting the brown Man-Bat that was cut from DCSH in wave 10. Yipee! I'm really excited by this, since until I'm ready to fork over $40+ for the SDCC Exclusive version I am without a Man-Bat. We will be getting a new Joker figure based on wave 8's Gentleman Ghost, and it will look AWESOME.

Now, on to Wave 9, due out late Summer 2009.

Let's see, who to start with? Might as well be one of the most requested figures, one of the most recognizable of the figures, a well known member of the Justice League of America: Green Arrow. It looks like he'll come with four arrows of different styles, including his boxing glove arrow (which is dumb, and even his son thinks so, but then he was forced to use it, and it worked, and it really surprised him). Frankly, Ollie looks great! He's got the Errol Flynn look down, and he pulls it off well. He's got all all new chest, biceps and forearms (with archery bracers), and New Hands! With a pin/hinge wrist joint, it'll look perfect! It appears he has the standard pieces every where else, along with a new head (as ever figure does). People were saying he would have a real bow string, as opposed to the plastic string he's displayed with, but I don't remember reading that, but that would be cool. I'm quite looking forward to Green Arrow, he'll definitely be one of the, if not the favorite figure of the wave.

To go along with Ollie, is his wife (or girlfriend, I'm not sure if they were ever married in the Satellite era), Black Canary. She also looks really good, of course, that's a silly thing to say, since this whole line was sculpted by the Four Horsemen, and they do amazing work; Every figure in this line looks great. Anyway, since whoever decides these things is in love with the Satellite era of the Justice League, the main members of the League have been of a more classic look, as opposed to the better, modern look. :D Hence, Dinah has blue leg underneath her real fishnet tights, instead of the bare legs of a later look. She's got a short leather jacket, which means she gets all new arms and hands, she's got what looks like a retooled Wonder Woman torso, and I don't think we've had boot tops like those on a woman yet, so those are probably new (and look like they would work for Power Girl, hint hint). I would have preferred the modern Black Canary, even if she doesn't show as much skin as the classic version does, but that just because I tend to prefer the modern artists more. Anyway, Black Canary is another one fans have been clamoring for, as she's an integral part of the Justice League (again, going to the modern era I think she's actually the chairwoman of the Justice League, I'll know for sure in a few weeks when I finally get the first storyline from the current Justice League of America series).

Now, getting to the figures that will probably be my favorite, wave 8's addition to the ever growing set of New Gods figures: another one of Darkseid's minions, Mantis I've not read many comics featuring the New Gods, so I wouldn't have called myself a fan before this line, but the figures are so great that I'm definitely a fan of the New Gods now. It's a good thing the Four Horsemen are such fans and getting a new addition with almost every wave. As with many comic book characters Mantis is some guy with a funny looking costume. Goofy wings on his back and a funky helmet with antenna on it, and yet once sculpted by master artists who are also fans of the guy, he comes out looking pretty neat, despite the odd stripes on his costume, but again, they make him look good, just like they did will Killer Moth from wave 6, who has to have one of the goofiest costumes EVER. Mantis looks good, and I want him, check out his new gloves and boots.

And more importantly, Mantis gets a variant (similar waves 6 and 8 New Gods characters having variants). Exactly like wave 8's variant though this variant is based on the redesign for the Super Powers toy line of the 80's, and let me say, this is the best redesign ever. I loved this figure as a kid (I'm not actually sure if I had it myself, or if I just new of it and really wanted it). The robo-insectoid Mantis looks much scarier than the original design, and I'm tempted to get a couple, and set them up with the Parademons as though their generic soldiers in Darkseid's army. Mantis is extra detailed, looking mechanical and insect like and creepy and awesome, and everything looks like completely new parts (like both versions of the Parademon). I expect this to be my favorite figure of the wave, by quite a bit.

The figure that will probably be my next favorite (after robo-Mantis and before classic Mantis) is one of DC's most renown assassins, Deadshot. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the Deadshot production sample was not on display, so we only got a glimpse of him from Mattel's slide presentation. And he looks great. Like Deathstroke, Deadshot is more detailed than the average super hero. He's got ammo belts, armored sections, and weapons (Deadshot is known for his wrist guns), he's got a scope thing over one eye, and a big target over his heart (so David Cain can shoot him in it, but he gets better). His head even looks like a retool of Deathstroke's masked head. I'm quite looking forward to him, he'll be really fun to have.

The remaining figures are terribly interesting to be, but they look nice, and I need the C&C, and I'm buying all the single packed figures anyway, so I'll be getting them. Guardian is the most exciting to me, although he's going to look too much like a Dr Fate wannabe. I know nothing of Guardian, so I won't say anymore.

Wildcat is an integral member of the Justice Society of America, which means I know absolutely nothing about him. He doesn't look bad, and there's no reason for me not to get him. He will also come in a blue chase variant, which I don't care about, but I'm tempted to get two Chemos, so maybe I will.

Finally, another one high on everyone's want list, and very puzzling that he wasn't in wave 7 along with Captain Marvel, Black Adam! Normally I'd be excited to get him, but alongside the more visually interesting figures above, Black Adam looks rather boring, frankly. He's a cool character, and saw a lot of use in 52, and he does come will a nifty ankh medallion, so he's definitely a welcome addition to the line, he just looks really plain next to the likes of ROBO-MANTIS!

And finishing up with the C&C figure: Chemo!

One last point of interest, the Ame-Comi line of DC statues. I'm not a huge fan of anime, but I don't hate it either, and this line really interests me, though they're too pricey for me to collect them in any regular manner. Wonder Woman has been my favorite so far, and I really wish I could find her for $30, cause I'd get it at that price. At NYCC we were shown the next two, Classic Catwoman, and modern Batgirl, and I must say, Batgirl I will have at any price.

And that's mostly everything. Mattel announced a 6 inch line of Ghostbusters figures that I'm interested in, but as they will be exclusive to Matty's website they will be coming out every other month and cost $20 each, so I'll probably be passing on them. They are also starting a line of mini deformed figures, similar to Marvel's Super Hero Squad, or the Star Wars Galactic Heroes, which would be fun to get for my girls, but I won't be collecting them for myself.

Remember kids: If you are what you eat, I could be you by morning.


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