Saturday, November 01, 2008

New toys at last!

Finally got some new toys.

First up, Dragon Ball Z figures, Freeza, Vegetto, Super Sayian Vegita.

All my DBZ figs so far, the additions are Piccolo, Goku, and Super Sayian Goku.

I also got some DCUC wave 4, Captain Atom, and my personal favorite from the wave, Artemis, the variant Wonder Woman. From the comics I've seen with her, her chest needs to be bigger, but that's pretty common with comic book heroines, and she does have her ridiculous(ly cool) long pony tail.

Additionally, it was discovered tonight that Toys 'R' Us is having a 50% off sale on GI Joe Sigma 6 figures, so I picked up the only one they had (that I cared about), Zartan.

And I've been meaning to post a couple random pictures of some Sigma 6 figures that I don't think I posted about when I got them. Presenting Ninja Armor Snake Eyes and Shaouri Crossbow Storm Shadow (pictured without his crossbow).

And finally, I thought my animated Batman DVD collection was complete with the arrival of Volume 2 of the animated series, however the disc appear to be scratched beyond my acceptance level, and the fourth disc had sticky droplets on it too, so I may still be in the market for this set.

In closing: Time passed like Friday night's beer on Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

The eBay fates are frowning on your animated purchases, aren't they?

Micah Baker said...

It is fun to read your blog, and thanks for that.
I found it worth my while to purchase the Batman Animated sets outright. Set Two particularly.