Monday, October 20, 2008

Quote of the Cyclical-Timeframe

I read quite a few toy reviews. I usually find them fascinating, even for items I have absolutely no interest in, and when they are reviews of items I have, like or want, then they're almost as fulfilling to read as having the figure is. My primary sources for toy reviews are Michael's Review of the Week and Online Action Figure Entertainers. And of course the various forums I'm a member of (The Fwoosh and SW Action News mostly).

So I found a review of Clone Wars General Grievous figure from the new animated show line, and the author said Revenge of the Sith is the worst of the Star Wars prequels. Now, I'm currently not a huge fan of the prequels, but there are certainly enjoyable parts in all three films.

But this has to be the best statement explaining what's wrong with ROTS. And I quote:

"At least The Phantom Menace knew it was a kids' movie and behaved accordingly, so dumb as it is, it's actually quite entertaining to watch, like a kitten rolling around like a spaz trying to catch its tail. RotS, on the other hand, thought it was some kind of important war epic, so it wound up being like a middle-aged self-appointed "intellectual" rolling around trying to catch his tail, and then claiming it was a commentary on the superficiality of the audience. You know what, no."

Wow. Nothing I could possibly say can add to that. It's such an interesting visual that I'm now inspired to try and find similarly great quotes to post every once in so often, so look for more quote in the indeterminate future.

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