Saturday, September 27, 2008

More New Stuff. Finally

It's been a while since I was able to buy anything. I've been so focused on DCUC that I let the second series of Halo 3 figures pass me by with only one added to my collection. However, with the release of series 3 this past week I went back and arranged a trade for my most wanted figure from 2, pics when it arrives. So, series 3 is out, and I found two of them today at Walmart, the red Hayabusa Spartan and the Combat Elite.

A couple of weeks ago I sold a few extra figures on eBay, got my monthly allowance, and had nothing to buy. I already had DCUC 3, and 4 wasn't due out yet (though it was sighted a week and half ago), but I had all this money burning a hole in my pocket, so I did the only thing I could do. I bought stuff on eBay. I probably should have saved the money until I could order a case of DUCU 4 and 6, but I couldn't contain myself, and a new project came to mind that required a couple of purchases (more on that next post). After far too long a time, stuff has finally been showing up.

I have wanted to read the Batman: No Man's Land story arc for a long time. But the trades are rather expensive, and since it's a long story there are several trades, especially if you count the stories that lead up to it. But I found a seller that let me finagle a good price on the three he had, so now I have volumes 2, 4 and 5 of 5. A few days later I won volume 1 so it's on the way too. I also have a lead on two of the prelude trades (Contagion and Cataclysm) for good prices, except I'm broke again.

I have been trying to get the Batman and Superman Animated Series DVD sets for good prices, and I found good deals on Batman TAS Vol 1 and 3, Superman TAS vol 3 and Justice League Vol 1. This completes my Superman TAS Justice League collections, I still need vol 2 of Batman TAS, both Justice League Unlimited sets, and all three volumes of Batman Beyond (though that's at the bottom of the list).

And finally (for this post) I got one of the somewhat more expensive Sigma 6 figures, for a great price. It's not perfect, it's in somewhat played with condition, his knife and tomahawk need a little touch up paint work, but thanks to Rish Outfield I'm now qualified to make such touch ups. But the important part was the bow and arrows/quiver and they're in great shape, and the figure's nicer than I expected he would be. Presenting Spirit Iron-Knife.

Speaking of painting, I picked up two figures on clearance recently with the intention of painting them. I got the animated Raven Spawn which I plan to do in a black/red deco like the 3" trading figure, and Superman Red, which I plan to go over the red with black, sorta reminiscent of the Justice Lords and Future Superman look from Justice League and Batman Beyond respectively. When I get around to painting them I'll post pics.


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