Monday, April 14, 2008

Piece by Piece

So, a couple of years ago in the Marvel Legends line an evil thing was done. Toybiz put pieces of a figure in with each regular figure in the line, which assemble into one of the coolest action figures of all time. A 15 inch Sentinel, which is basically a giant mutant-hunting robot.

I am trying to acquire all the pieces to build him, but some are rather pricey. They also did a Build-A-Figure of Apocalypse, who is some evil mutant, and that's all I know. They did two versions of him though, a blue one, which is fairly easy to come by, and a black one, which is not. I, of course, started out wanting to build the hard to find black one, and have since graduated to wanting both.

Here's what I have so far: one piece of each, and the cute SuperHero Squad Sentinel.

I also recently bought a bunch of trade paperbacks compiling several issues from the JLA run, and the second season of the animated Justice League.


Jonathan said...

hahahaha. Well, keep going. One piece of each is quite a start! (NOT!) That first picture though is amazing. I like him. Too bad you don't have him.

Marissa said...

It would be an interesting figure if you put the pieces of all the different figures together. You know, the torso from Sentinel, the arm from the blue Apocalypse, and the head from the black Apocalypse. Maybe you could put a leg from Grundy, and another leg from Gorilla Grodd, etc. I bet that would look pretty funny.

Jonathan said...

yeah, again, I just really like that big robot guy. Very sweet. Maybe you'll have him compiled by the time you have your first boy.