Friday, April 18, 2008


New York Comic Con is this weekend, and toy companies are revealing new info on what products are coming this year. The lines I'm most looking forward to hearing about are two of Mattel's lines: DC Universe Classicsand Infinite Heroes, and we've had a couple of tidbits of information (Lightray and Amazo as upcoming DCUC figures).

However, the most exciting bit of news so far comes from McFarlane Toys, the creators of Spawn and the makers of the most awesome Halo 3 figures. They have announced two figures that will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic Con this July, one of which is fairly unimportant (Active Camo CQB Spartan), one of which is a completely lame, silly, fan-service, hokey repaint. And it is also totally awesome and I MUST have it. I present to you the Hellspawn Spartan, or HellSpartan.


Marissa said...

It's nice that toy companies will cater to people like you that will buy something just because it is painted differently.

Jonathan said...

Ok, I like the poseability and the eyes are pretty cool. Not the best paint job, though, right? Maybe this is one of those "appearance isn't everything" situations, huh? jk