Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dec 2007 Aquisitions

I'm really trying to keep better track of what I buy - when I order it and when it arrives. I'll be posting my lists here monthly, to see if I can bore anyone.


DC Direct Return of the Dark Knight Joker DC Direct Kryptonian Life Suit Superman Dec 12: Gentle Giant Senate Guard mini bust Dec 25: Batman: The Animated Series Volume 4 DVD's Dec 25: DC Comics Superman Batman: Supergirl Hardcover Dec 25: Gentle Giant Royal Guard mini bust Dec 25: Mattel DC Super Heroes Cyborg Superman Dec 31: Master Replicas Scaled Stormtrooper Helmet


Nov 27: MR Scaled Stormtrooper Helmet - $45 Dec 7: 501st Alpine Garrison T-Shirt - $7.51 Dec 10: Star Wars Empire At War PC game - $5.59 Dec 10: Image 10th Anniversary Savage Dragon and Spawn figures - $20.44 Dec 10: 501st Challenge coin: Pacific Outpost - $7 Dec 14: 501st Challenge coin: Connecticut Garrison (x2)- $11 Dec 21: Star Wars Vault - $23.96 Dec 21: Halo 3 Red Spartan second variant - $17.94 Dec 24: Superman/Batman Series 2: Batman - $8

1 comment:

Marissa said...

Sheesh. Someone must love you a lot to get you all that stuff for Christmas. :)