Thursday, October 05, 2006

Jedi Props: Holo Projector — Day 3 – Pics!

In foraging through various forums (The Custom Saber Shop, Jedi Council Forums, The Jedi Assembly) I was inspired to build some props to go with my Anakin costume, namely: a Holocron, a Communicator, and a Holo-projector. I decided that I had sufficient skill to try to create these myself, and will herein chronicle my attempt.
Parts List
1 Bubble Tape container — 89¢ @ Walmart 1 Bubble Tape container — $1.39 @ gas station 1 can Black Spray paint for plastic — $6 @ NAPA Auto Parts ($4 at Walmart, oops) 1 clear/white bicycle reflector — 50¢ @ local bike shop 2 AAA Battery Holders — 99¢ each @ Radio Shack 1 Latching Switch — $2.59 @ Radio Shack 4x 440 machine screws & nuts — free stuff from Dad 1 1.75"x2.25" breadboard — more free stuff from Dad copper LED heatsink — from previously purchased Luxeon lightsaber 1 Royal Blue 1W LED — $10 @ 1 56 Ohm Resistor

Assembly & Fabrication

Day 1 — Oct 7, 2006

The first thing I did was wash the powdered sugar out of the bubble tape container (which I purchased yesterday), then wipe it down with rubbing alcohol. I put 2 or 3 coats of black spray paint on it. After examining the paint job I noticed a tiny spot where there was no paint. I picked at it lightly with my fingernail and paint flecked off! I late was at Walmart and bought a can of clear protective paint, hoping that would protect the paint from scratching. It didn't, and so I began the quest for a more appropriate paint.

Day 2 — Oct 9, 2006

Went to the bike shop, NAPA Auto Parts, Walmart and Radio Shack to pick up the reflector, batter holders and spray paint for plastic, also swung by my dad's house for some nuts and screws. Upon returning home I attempted to remove the previous paintjob. It scratched off easily, but was messy and tedious, so I attempted to use Goof Off to remove, which began smearing the paint and attacking the plastic. I decided to trash that container and went to a nearby gas station to purchase a second container - this one was lime green. Since I now had a reflector I traced out the section on top of the bubble gum container that would be removed for the reflector. I used a knife to cut the bulk of the plastic out, then used a Dremel to polish up the cut to the proper shape. I also used the Dremel to remove some excess material inside the container that prevented the two battery holders from fitting. Then came the second attempt at painting. After letting the first coat dry there was a remarkable difference in the feel of the paint, like it was almost part of the plastic (which it was kinda supposed to be). Gave it another coat and went to work on the breadboard. The breadboard had a couple holes drilled in it to secure the battery holders, and a rectangle to accomadate the heatsink. I ordered the LED before quitting for the night.

Day 3 — Oct 10, 2006 – Pics!

I took inpiration for the following elements: Switch, Silver stripes Reflector, grate

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